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Monks Santoshananda and Atmananda Interviews

Published: Saturday, 18 April 2009
In the following line of our openness to all ways of Mahavatar Babaji Kriya Yoga, we put here an interview that Santoshananda, a monk of Self-Realization-Fellowship, in the program of Brazilian Television "Viver Natural" made on his trip to Brazil to the official inauguration of the first retreat in the city of Navegantes, state of Santa Catarina, which will perform their activities. Also, an interview of another monk, called Atmananda.

We would like, however, to inform that the opinions expressed belong solely to Self-Realization-Fellowship, which deserve all our respect and affection, as also the other lineages of Kriya Yoga Masters who came from Lahiri Mahasaya, following the holy knowledge that Mahavatar Babaji made us his heirs.

This program has a presentation in portuguese but the interview is all in english.
          Part 1:
          Part 2:
          Part 3:
          Part 4:


          Interview to monk Atmananda:

          Part 1:


          Part 2:

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