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Published: Sunday, 26 April 2009
The practice of religion has reached a point where a very few people try to make their spiritual beliefs into a matter of experience. (...) The majority is satisfied with what they have read about the Truth without ever having experienced it.
When you try to experience your spiritual beliefs, will begin to open up another world for you. Don´t live with a false sense of security, believing that you will be saved because you joined in a church1. You will, by yourself, to make the effort to know God. Your mind can be tranquil with the fact that you are very religious but, unless your conscience have been satisfied by direct answers to your prayers, no quantity of formal religion can save you2. What advantage is to pray to God if He does not respond? However difficult that is the answer of Him, this can be done. To ensure that you will reach heaven, you need to submit to test the power of your prayers3 until it becomes effective.

1 Or any other ways, even a School of Knowledge.
2 Or School of Knowledge.
3 Or the keys of your meditation.



Extracted from the book of Paramahansa Yogananda: In the Sanctuary of the Soul − A Guide To Effective Prayer. Published by Self-Realization-Fellowship.
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