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Movie - Always (1989)

Published: Saturday, 24 October 2009

This is a '80s movie directed by the film-maker Steven Spielberg. Are discussed some relevant concepts such as death, life after death; are given some clues of how could be made "our" thoughts, questioning if, in fact, are ours. In addition we can observe a possible organic between "two worlds" - before and after death - in a very interesting way.

       - We are ever really alone. Why we suffer from loneliness?

       - When we say sometimes that we are alone, does not always we have friends (guides) to assist us in every moment? And we can really feel it?

       - It´s right to assume the ideas as "ours", only?

       - It´s right to assume the death as an end?


       You can view this film at the following address. Click below:

(possibly to be able to see this movie you will have to install divxwebplayer)





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