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Published: Sunday, 13 June 2010


Meeting the Master


lahiri mahasaya young



The family of Chandra Mohan De lived next door to Lahiri Mahasaya. On completion of his medical studies in 1873, Chandra went to see the master to ask for a blessing. Lahiri Mahasaya questioned him throughly on several subjects, and the young graduate was thrilled to have the chance to show what he knew.

      "And what is your medical definition of death?",

he was asked curious.
Chandra answered the best he could, whilst Lahiri Mahasaya listened; there was a twinkle in his eye.
      "That is all well, but perhaps you should examine me, and tell me if i am alive or dead."
A straightforward examination rendered the young medical student speechless. He could not locate a single pulse or heartbeat, and there was absolutely no sign of any inhalation or exhalation.
      "Should you not give me a death certificate now?",
inquired the enlightened Yogi, letting renewed interest in emphasizing that aspect.
Chandra was confused and, suddenly, a thought occurred:
      "I could give you death certificate, but a dead man cannot talk - and you are talking!"
      "That is quite true. But i wanted you to see that your modern medical science is limited. There is a higher knowledge which is out of reach, except to yogic practitioner."

It was a day which Chandra Mohan De was never to forget. He became successful in his field as a doctor, but in addiction he became a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya and a Kriya Yogi (yogic practitioner)."

Extract from the book "Footsteps to Freedom: Four Spiritual Masters of Kriya Yoga and a Beginner", Chapter 1 - Meeting with the Master, by Heidi Wyder, kindly provided by the author to the group of Portuguese devotees of Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, and remaining lineage of masters in Kriya Yoga with responsible for this website - Kriya Yoga Mahavatar Babaji.
The book has been translated into italian and the author are looking for publishers in other countries also who may be interested in translating and publishing this book in other foreign versions, such as Portuguese, Spanish, etc... Even in english it is still in its self-published form.
Teams of the book:
Part I
Lahiri Mahasaya

Meeting the Master

Knowledge Meets Wisdom

Learning to balance

Yogic Purification

Kriya Yoga

Part II

Tinkari Lahiri

Spiritual Aid

Personal Effort is Required

Part III
Satya Charan Lahiri

The Roots of Desire

The Nature of Karma

Recognition and Respect

Part IV

Guruji (Prakash Shankar Vyas)

Tantra, Mantra and the Gods

Confidence and Strength






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