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Interview to the Kriya Yoga master Shibendu Lahiri

Published: Friday, 21 January 2011

Then we show an interview with the master in Kriya Yoga - Shibendu Lahiri - performed by journalists of the ukranian Yoga Magazine - Yoga Magazine - during the stay of the master on dissemination of Kriya Yoga in this country. This happened in the city of Kiev.

Kiev, Ukraine, 30 June 2010 - interview to Yoga Magazine

          The interview is in English and was divided into 5 parts:

          1 - The origins of Kriya Yoga; Patanjali Sutras; Swadhyaya, Tapas, Ishvara-pranidhana; the Chaitanya (holistic awareness); the "I" activities.


          2 - The origins of Kriya; Babaji; conditionings; Ganesha; the Cross.


          3 - Samadhi.


          4 - The Observer/Observed - Subject/Object; and God.


          5 - Responsibility; the "I" and love.




          You can also see this interview transcription in the following website:





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