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Autobiography of a Yogi in english

Autobiography of a Yogi in english
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21 April 2014
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When the Autobiography of a Yogi appeared for the first time in 1946 was denominated as a great mark in this area. New Times spoke about the book as "a rare encounter." Newsweek as "Fascinating." San Francisco Chronicle declared "Yogananda presents a convincing case on the yoga, and for the more skeptics can continue 'to pray'." Today it continues to be one of the books more read and respected that ever was published on the wisdom of the East.
"Nothing didn't exist before, written in English or in another European language, with this presentation on the yoga"
Columbia University Press
This is the original version, just as Yogananda wrote, without modifications editorials. In this PDF document the pictures are not included. The pictures can be viewed in the site that is referred inside of this document.
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