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Letters to a Seeker

Published: Thursday, 25 April 2013

From the Seeker: first response to a Letter


Good morning my friend,

Thanks for the wise words that sent me. Grateful tears burst from my eyes.

No doubt that at this time of my life "silence" is very important to feel and hear the Higher Self.


A BIG hug,





From the Seeker: second response to a Letter


My friend,

When I received your email with the Inspirational Dialogue between Ramana Maharshi and the Search of the Absolute Truth, I felt a huge need to open it, even altough it was just in time for an appointment. I opened the mail and by reading it, I realized that the content was important and that i should read it many times. Immediately take old me a thinking that i need to be silent, i no longer feel to going out, just wanted to be "silent", but i had a friend who was suffering, waiting for me, and it was important to be with her, so i chose to go out.

When i read the text for the second time, I perceived it better and a calm tears fell from my eyes as if they were water from a river to slide down a mountain.

When I read the text for the third time, I felt an intense peace and i understand it better their content. I feel I must read this dialogue more often.

Thanks for being in my way.


A hug,


Dear Isabel,

My promise was not forgotten, this delay was related to the fact that I can hardly have email. But what i wanted to add is:

In Master-disciple relationship in the mind, necessarily, creates in the game of duality, we are always intuited by the company of those who inspire us subjectively-objectively and support us from the "invisible".

As humans beings, we usually have many Masters, more or less "occult", which in general can assume greater or lesser role in this or that stage of our life, for reasons that most often we do not perceive yet. What it is happening to you, Isabel, are only periodic skilful that the engineering of experience uses. And may occur without warning, more than once, in a single existence. And so we go reaching new steps for Majority.

The Master Jesus Christ and Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ were on Earth conditioned by historical and geographical contexts, in which they lived and it was impossible to express more clearly the Jnani apects (Knowledge) and its practical action. On Those times, in other latitudes, others made him more freely, as we know. Hence the reason Jesus Christ has often stated that he could not say everything, that would come after him, the Spirit of Truth to do it. Which is happening.

However, both left us an unlimited work of Bhakti (Love Unconditional, renuntiation of attachment of all kinds). They are of an extold magnitude. Eternally our Masters. Our references. Our gratitude is endless. Related to the fact that you feel that your link-surrender to your older Master vanished, then, it is time to seek, serene and confidently, in the deepest silence of your being, who is following to serve you, support in guiding "now", and who will cherish the hours and discipline "good and bad". Its subjective nature comes equipped with such evidence. Perceive in which way the indoor and outdoor signs point. Be attentive to your matrix.

However, as you know, you are also warned that the concept of Master is one of the many "needs" that the human mind naturally driven by the performance that he should, justifiably creates and uses to achieve the transcendental purpose. This impulse was created as an instrument of sublimation of the ego.

However, over the centuries, we became enlightened, realizing that what was forbidden was just ignorance of the mind. In fact, in summary, the only teacher who has always existed and will continue to exist, is the Great Silence, the Sublime Solitude. Only Consciousness of Is, Existence. And once achieved this perception, then we should not leave. Or rather, to distract ourselves, we must return again and again. Post us humbly, decided in determination. Resisting.

You find yourself apparently "alone" in these "moments" to decide which way to go, makes it increasingly wise, for "you" and to "serve" "other."

Forwarding on Attachments "Inspiration Dialogues between Ramana Maharshi and the Absolute Truth", that can also serve as inspiration and nurturance.


An embrace of friendship,


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