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Yogananda Videos

Published: Saturday, 18 October 2008


Paramahansa Yogananda in Colors



Yoganandaji Chanting in a Wedding Ceremony in a Spiritual Marriage



Paramahansa Yogananda - Leading the Wedding Ceremony



Paramahansa Yogananda with Swami Sri Yukteswar 



Yogananda with the Great Sage Ramana Maharshi 



Yogananda in his Early Years



Paramahansa Yogananda. Talk us about the antiquity of Yoga and it purpose. Approach an effective way for we to sleep, properly, for we do not give attention to worldly thoughts of the mind but rather, with correct posture, and through a meditation technique, we fix the attention in the Christ Consciousness center, for common sense, the third eye.



Yogananda walking on the streets of New York



Yogananda with Swami Keshabananda (Lahiri Mahasaya Disciple)



Yogananda in Places da India



Yogananda with Swami Yukteswar in the ashram garth



Yogananda with Mahatma Gandhi



Yogananda with Ananda Moy Ma and Bholanath



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