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Published: Monday, 02 March 2009
Sacred Places and of Pilgrimage - Kriya Yoga - India

Here, will be exposed, Sacred Places and of Pilgrimage in India, directly connected with the Gurus of Mahavatar Babaji lineage.

Our intention is to provide accurate information to those who wish to travel to India. Sharing with people the feeling of the endless blessings in these places, by the Grace of Kriya Yoga Gurus.





In the Himalaya, Maha Guru cave - Mahavatar Babaji.
Lahiri Mahasaya received the divine teachings of this Christ-Yogi.
There is an ashram (monastery of Yoga), of Self-Realization-Fellowship, named Yogoda Satsanga Society of India. Receive guests.
Adress: Yogoda Satsanga Sakha Ashram
            263653 Sakha Ashrama - P.O.Dwarahat
            Distrito de Almora - Uttaranchal, INDIA
            Phone. (+91) 05966 244271 or 2244671
            E-mail.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Youtube video
This ashram is only for Self-Realization Fellowship students, but on the way to PANDAVA CULA sanctuary (see bellow what is about), which in the beggining of the stairways to the main road, that goes up to sanctuary, there is a grocery shop that rent rooms to visitors at reasonable price.
In this ashram women are not allowed to be alone (they can be only with another women).
Monks guide daily activities, such as energization exercicies given by Yogananda; Meditation, Chants and Lectures.
It is possible to organize, asking for, jorneys to Bajaji´s cave, which is not so far from there. Maybe one guide it would be necessary for the first trip. On the way there are some spots with information on directions. Local people can help the visitors to babaji cave. The journey up is about 45min. Down is about 30min.
On the top of the mountain there is a santuary where people do peregrination. Some time to time some sadhus that live in the caves in the mountains, goes there to take some food. Its necessary a guide. The place it´s called PANDAVA CULA. 
"On the Junna river edges, (Vrindaban) is the Jerusalem of India. There, the avatar Sri Krishna revealed all his glory for humankind benefit".
Paramahansa Yogananda, in his book "Autobiography of a Yogi" in Chapter 2, (two young boys without money in Vrindaban), bottom of the page 103.


Here is the Kathyayani Ashram (dedicated to the Divine Mother), built in the place where Lord Krishna danced with the gopis, pertaining to Swami Keshabananda, him also initiated in Kriya Yoga by Lahiri Mahasaya.

It is approximately 150 km from New Delhi.


Address: Kathyayani Peeth Temple, Keshabashram, Radha Bagh, P.O. Vrindaban - 281121. Distrito de (Mathura) Uttar Pradesh, Índia.

Phone: 00 91 565 2442 386





This is the birthplace of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, where was built a majestic temple. It is a reference point of pilgrimage in India and for kriyabans (those already initiated in Kriya Yoga) in particular, because Krishna is the father of Kriya Yoga.
It was him who taught for the first time, as described in the Bhagavad Gita. Some of the Kriya Yoga Gurus were pilgrims there. It is located 8 km from VRINDABAN.
VARANASI (ou Benares)


The house where lived Guru Lahiri Mahasaya and where Swami Sri Yukteswar received the teachings. It is inhabited by a great-grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya.

This house it´s open only one time a year. Only for two hours in the month of July.

Address: Sri Banamali Lahiri - 31/58 Madanura Lane,
Garudeswar Mohalla (Muslin Market - Chowsatti Ghat),
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Ashram of a great-great-grandson of Lahiri Mahasaya, where we can find part of Lahiri Mahasaya ashes in a small temple. In the ashram temple there are two daily Pujas. One in the morning, and other at the end of the afternoon.
Address: Sri Shibendu Lahiri, Satya Lok, D22/3 Chausathi Lane,
Varanasi, 221001, Uttar Pradesh. India.
(Its near to Dashashwamedh Ghat, in Chausatti Ghat)
Phone.: (+91) 05422 401253

This ashram dedicated to Lahiri Mahasaya it´s administrated now by the master Shibendu Lahiri:




A good restaurant in Varanasi is:

Keshari Ruchikar Byanjan
Pure vegetarian
Dasashwamedh Road, Varanasi
For lodging there is near the SHIVAKASI GUEST HOUSE
They are devoted to Lahiri Mahasaya.
Other place for lodging is:
The price in the year of 2012 it was around 1600 Ruppies.
Note: near this restaurant, in the terrace (balcony) to the Ganges, there is a dome near the stairs which goes to the superior flour. Inside this dome it is said by devoted people that in the past there was there a room, where Lahiri Mahasaya use to meditate in order to connect himself to the Ganges energies (the Nature Beings of Water - Mother Ganges).


Places to visit in Varanasi:

Temple of Kashi Vishwanath: temple half Hindu half Muslim. Only hindus are allowed to enter at there part. Some westerner are allowed upon police interrogatory. There is a lot of police in the entrance because of the constant religious conflict.

Anapurna Temple: temple dedicated to the goddess responsable for anybody be starve in Varanasi.

Nepali Temple: temple of nepale with a school for boys.

House of Ananda Moy Ma: place where the saint lived.

Address: Shree Shree Ma Anandamayi ashram
            Bhadaini, Varanasi

Sarnath: place dedicated to Budha which is at 30 km from Varanasi. Where Budha gave his talks. There are several budist temples and a musium about Budism.

The University more dignified is B.H.U. and it is at Varanasi also.

The Palace (fort) King of Benares also can be visited for those who enjoy

Trailanga Swami Math: temple of the great master and saint who lived near to Lahiri Mahasaya house. It´s written by Yogananda in the book "Autobiography of a Yogi". He weight near 300kg, and had in Him many siddhis (yogi powers). In this temple they give is autobiographic book by some donation to Trailanga Swami. It´s possible to go there by boat from Chausatti Ghat to Pachaganga Ghat and feel the interior strengh and fragance of the Ganges.

Kall Bharaw: temple very active. Place of reference in spiritual matters in Varanasi. With intense energy, its used to offer as donation to God some flowers, giving them to the Brahman inside the temple.

Kabir Das Place: temple where lived the medieval saint Kabir. It´s now a musium. People can request a guide to explanations and to guide the visit.

Hanuman Temple: temple dedicated to God in the form of a Monkey - Hanuman.

Durga Temple: Temple dedicated to Divine Mother

Tulsi Manas Temple: temple dedicated to Rama. Situated where the saint Tulsidas lived.

Jiddu Krishnamurthi school: situated in the other side of the river Ganges in a quiet place. Has big and beautiful gardens.



Ashram also pertaining to Swami Keshabananda where is the Samadhi of Sri Lahiri Mahasaya. It is in the Himalayas.
Address: Keshabashram, Belwala Island (near to Touristbungalow),
            Haridwar, Uttar Pradesh, India.



Near to the Bihar district, Bupendra Nath Sanyal, founded in 1924 the Bagalpurashram, which was a meditation center, and a place to spread the Kriya Yoga teachings.
Address: in the moment, we are planning to arrange this adress, and make efforts to get it.
The first school founded by Guru Paramahansa Yogananda. There is an ashram of Self-Realization-Fellowship - Yogoda Satsanga Society of India. Receive guests.
Only for devotees of Yogoda Satsanga Society.
In this ashram they separate man and women (in the kitchen, bedrooms and temple).
Regular and normal activities include: meditation and chants. Santsangs on Sundays. Long Meditations, pause for meals; and tee afternoon.
There is a big temple to meditate (Dhyana Mandir). A temple dedicated to Shiva and other dedicated to Yogananda.
The room where Yogananda lived when was at Ranchi is permitted to meditate for certain period of time.
The price of taxis from airport to Ranchi are about 250Rs and 400Rs.
Address: Yogoda Satsanga Society of India
            Paramahansa Yogananda Path, Ranchi
            834 001, Bihar, Jharkhand
            Phone.: (+91) 651 246 0074
                            651 246 1578
                            651 246 0071

youtube video

There is a Center of Meditation of Y.S.S. to students.


Lucknow - Yogoda Satsanga Dhyana Kendra
A-10 & 11, Paramahansa Yogananda Marg
Institutional Area, Vipul Khand 6, Gomti Nagar
LUCKNOW - 226010, Dist. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Phones: (+91) 9839010454
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In this city there is an hotel which the owner is a great devotee of Yogananda. It´s an hotel of very good quality, considering that is in India. For those who might do flight scale at Lucknow to other places, and must sleep in Lucknow, this hotel is a wonderful choice.
            B-1/11, E PARK, MAHANAGAR EXTN: LUCKNOW, 226006
            U.P., India
            Phones: (+91) 23217 80
                                23237 71
                                23352 97
Paramahansa Yogananda parents house where he lived until the youth. It is inhabited by a Yogananda nephew.
Address: Sri Hare Krishna Ghosh,
             4 Garpar Road, Calcutta 700009,
             West Bengal, India.
Going backside the block of Yogananda´s family house, just behind of Yoganda´s house, can be visited the temple of the saint who levitate. It´s written in "Autobiography of a Yogi" and his story. He was in Yogananda early years his guide.
Sakha Kendra - Garpar
Meditation Center of Yogoda Satsanga Society
17/1, Pitambar Bhattacharya Lane, Calcutta, 9
Phone.: (+91) 350 5380
Note: It´s a meditation center where happen regular guided meditations by Y.S.S: monkes.
There is an ashram of Self-Realization-Fellowship - Y.S.S. of India in Dakshineswar. Is on the outskirts of Calcutta. Receive guests.
Address: Yogoda Satsanga Society of India,
             Yogoda Satsanga Math,
             21 U.N. Mukherji Road,
             Dakshineswar, Calcutta, 700076,
             West Bengal, India.
             Phone.: (+91) 33 2564 5931
                              33 2564 6208
                              33 2564 2366
The price of taxi from Calcutta Airport to the ashram in Dakshineswar is about 460Rs
Places to visit in Calcutta:
Kali Temple: Spiritual reference in Calcutta dedicated to KALI (another expression of the Divine Mother). Where Yogananda had an experience with the Divine Mother (Her statue become alive). In this temple can be visited the room of the great master Ramakrishna. It´s very near to the Dakshineswar Railway Sattion, and also of the ashram of Y.S.S. in Dakshineswar. Ther are inside this santuary 12 chapels dedicated to SHIVA, a temple dedicated to Krishna and other to Radha.
Banyan Three: the tree where Mahavatar Babaji apear to Yukteswar after he finish the book, as babaji requested to him - "Sacred Science". This book had the prupose to make a bridge of undersatnding between the teachings of Jesus (Bible) and the sacread scriptures of India. It´s located near the small ashram of Yukteswar (of Y.S.S), at Serampore.
Temple of Yukteswar in Serampore: here there was the house of Yukteswar. Now only exist part of it. In the part that left was contructed a small temple.
House where Yogananda lived whe he was a student in Serampore: this house is now in ruins. He lived here during his studies, and recebe treining at Yukteswar ashram, which is very near.
Sarada Devi ashram: temple dedicated to Ramakrishna wife.
TARAKESWAR Temple: Temple dedicated to Shiva. This temple is a little far from the city of Calcutta and there is a Yogananda story in this temple in the book "Autobiography of a Yogi".
University where Yogananda studied: it´s not so big and is very near to the Yukteswar ashram and of the Banyan Three, in Serampore.
RAMAKRISHNA MISSION - Vivekananda house: the indian goverment converted this house in a musium. Inside can be viewed all the chambers well conservated from that age in time. It had been made recreations of stories of Vivekananda life in wax, and its exposed some videos that picture the life of the Master.
Today, the old ashram of the Guru Swami Sri Yukteswar is divided in two parts: one is a small temple which to visit it and for you to retire, you should previously contact the ashram of Self-Realization-Fellowship - Yogoda Satsanga Society of India in Dakshineswar. In the other part, live the relatives of Sri Yukteswar and which is also still preserved, a division that served for bedroom and reception, to the disciples and sympathizers.
It was in this ashram that Paramahansa Yogananda received the sacred teachings. In a few meters, in another street, is Yogananda uncles home where he very often retire before start to live in the ashram. It is inhabited by a niece of Yogananda.
Address: Smt Meera Ghosh, 57 Netaji Subhas Avenue,
Dst Hooghly, Serampore,
West Bengal, India. 
In this street and near the river Ganga is the tree known as the tree of Guru Mahavatar Babaji because that was there he appeared in a physical body to Sri Yukteswar.
Serampore is on the outskirts of Calcutta. Not so far from Dakshineswar ashram, in the opposite side of the river Ganges. 
There is a house, next to Y.S.S. temple (yukteswar temple), where live distant relatives of Yukteswar. It is said by devotees that they have there an intact room of Yukteswar when he lived there, which is in the attic, and can be viewed some object of him.
Kararashram, old ashram of Swami Yukteswar, where we can find his ashes in a small temple dedicated to his Samadhi. Yogananda lived for long periods in this ashram.
Morada: Karar Ashram, Swargadwar, Puri 752001, Orissa, India.
(Located behind the Hotel Sonali; on a very thin street; in front of Seabeach)
Phone.: (+91) 06752 3004
Website: Karar ashram
Youtube video:
  • Gurudham Ashram, founded by Bupendranath Sanyal, where he lived permanently with his wife and suns.
Address: we only know that is situated at some meters of the Kararashram.


  • Hariharananda Gurukulum - Ashram founded by Paramahamsa Hariharananda.

(Located on the road from Puri-Konarck, after 3km from the Hotel Toshali Sands)

        Address: PO Chhaitana, Balighai, Puri, Orissa (ou Odisha), 752002
        Phone: (+91) 9437343852
                  (+91) 6752246644     

Receive guests that are initated in Hariharananda lineage.

They give food and lodging (the rooms and food are very simple) by donation.

They have daily activities of meditation and chants (in the meditation room); and pujas in the temple (Guru Mandir).

In the beginning of the year a lot of foreigners come. In the other months it doesn´t happens.

Who wishes to stay between March and December in the ashram, their are normal functioning but people are invited to be isolated, in inner retreet, because their are not so many activities and foreigners sharing possibility.


youtube videos:



Guru Mandir


Suggestions to visit in Puri


 Konark temple - Temple of devotion to the Sun. It´s 37km from Puri.

Jagannath Temple - Situated in the center of Puri, devoted to Jagannath God.
(Only hindus could enter. Foreigners are invited only to be outside)



Temple of meditation of Self-Realization-Fellowship - Yogoda Satsanga Society of India.
Address: Yogoda Satsanga Sakh Kendra,
Gole Market, New Delhi - 1.
Ashram dedicated to an advanced discíple of Mahavatar Babaji. This disciple lived there 14 years, where grown a profund energy around him.
After finish his work, he left.
The person who had been responsable for the ashram since his departure also left his body in 2013. His name was Muniraj.
The ashram in 2012 was administrated by european devotees.
Address: Herakhan ashram
             P.O. Herakhan Via Kathogodam
             Dist. Nainital, 263126
             U.P. India
             Phone Office: (+91) 05946 50165
Youtube video:
To be guest in this ashram it is charge a daily price of 300Rs.
It´s an ashram with a great habit of rituals. Pujas and also Chants (Aarti).
Is asked to people to use dothi to man and to women the respective dress, in order to participate in the daily ceremonies.
The food does not have strong spicies.
It´s natural for esterners to help on prepration of the daily Pujas or other activities. There are tasks for each person in the morning of each day. For the new people less things are asked.
In the journey to this ashram, because of the road which is very dificult to access, due to the landslides that obstruct the roads contantly. It could happen that people could not pass and then it is needed to sleep in Haldwani, which is the village more near. In this town we advice to go to the Hotel Nanak (in front of Nanak sweet and Grossery). The price for one night is 800Rs; two persons is 950Rs.
There is a cave in the Montain of Shiva, on the other side of the Gautami Ganges river. People has to cross over on foot.
FINAL NOTE: In every and each place here refered, which received guests, we advice by experience to contact preveously by letter in advance of 3-6 months more or less.
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