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Movie - We are One

Published: Sunday, 14 June 2009
Can be seen here, in english with Portuguese subtitles, a documentary made by an amateur group of people who search for the human being existential questions, that we, more or less often, put already to ourselves. For example:
Why we are here?
What is the meaning of life?

Several interviews were carried out by them, on the street and to some known people (for example: Deepak Chopra and Thich Nhat Hahn).
This documentary has some extras.
It is divided into 14 parts.
          Part 1:
          Part 2:
          Part 3:
          Part 4:
          Part 5:
          Part 6:
          Part 7:
          Part 8:
          Part 9:
          Part 10:
          Part 11:
          Part 12:
          Part 13:
          Part 14:
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