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Published: Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Autobiography of a Yogi, by PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA
13 Chapters of this book, in english
      The Book that changed the lives of millions. "It has sold more than four million copies and counting..." and it has published the book into 33 languages. In 1999, it was designated as one of the "100 Most Important Spiritual Books of the 20th Century" by a panel of theologians and luminaries convened by HarperCollins publishers.
The purpose of this videos is solely spiritual, in nature, to spread this novel. This audio-videos has been made for all those who either have not got the opportunity to read it. You could listen to the reading at any time, be it, while going for sleep with the reading going on in the background, whether in their lunchtime or maybe even while travelling.


My Parents and Early Life

Part 1:


Mother's Death and the amulet

Part 2:

Part 2a:

Part 2b:


The Saint With two Bodies

Part 3:

Part 3a:

Part 3b:


My Interrupted Flight Toward The Himalayas

Part 4a:

Part 4b:

Part 4c:

A "Perfume Saint"

Part 5a:

Part 5b:

The Tiger Swami

Part 6a:

Part 6b:

The Levitating Saint

Part 7a:

Part 7b:


India's great Scientist, Sir J.C.Bose

Part 8a:

Part 8b:



The Blissful Devotee

Part 9a:

I Meet My Master, Shri Yukteshwar

Part 10a:

Part 10b:

Part 10c:


Two Penniless Boys In Brindaban

Part 11a:

Part 11b:


Years In My Masters Hermitage

Part 12a:

Part 12b:

Part 12c:

Part 12d:

Part 12e:

Part 12f:

Part 12g:



The Sleepless Saint

Part 13a:

Part 13b:






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