Quantum Physics and Spirituality

August 3, 2010

Lecture about the Awakening to Zero Point

In this lecture the author Gregg Braden, who spent 22 years of his life searching high mountain villages, […]
August 3, 2010

Question of Vibration

Question of Vibration … For more than 30 years, in 1947, dr. Hans Jenny has developed a new […]
February 13, 2010

Conscious of Consciousness

The videos that we put in this article are from a lecture by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, a […]
December 17, 2007

The Meaning of Quantum Physics

Part 1:    Part 2:    Part 3:       
December 17, 2007

Interview about Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Man

Amit Goswami, author of many books including: ‘How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization,’ ‘The Visionary Window: A Quantum […]