March 25, 2024

Documentary-Movie: Awake – The Life of Yogananda

AWAKE: The Life of Paramahansa Yogananda is an unconventional biography. He who brought Yoga and Meditation to the […]
March 25, 2024

Movie: Astral City – A Spiritual Journey

This movie reports the discovery of someone who “departs” from this material dimension, and tells us about his […]
December 28, 2023

Movie – The Celestine Prophecy

This film’s source is an acclaimed book published in 1993 by author James Redfield, later released to the […]
December 23, 2019

Movie – What Dreams May Come

The next film takes us beyond the horizon. Open to us the doors of perception to something else. Something that exists beyond the fixed cartesian dogma. Transports us to places created by the director, but we […]
February 21, 2011

Movie – Ghost Town

This feature film is set in New York City, but could had been made in any other space. […]
October 24, 2009

Movie – Phenomenon (1996)

        This film of the 90´s portrait a person who developed a brain tumor, but an uncommon tumor. […]
October 8, 2009

Movie – Always (1989)

    This is a ’80s movie directed by the film-maker Steven Spielberg. Are discussed some relevant concepts […]
September 29, 2009

Movie – Powder

This film takes us to a greater questioning of reality. The reality is “dismounted” through the story of […]
June 26, 2009

Movie – Mindwalk

This movie is based on the book published in 1983 by Fritjof Capra, entitled Mindwalk. There is an […]
June 14, 2009

Movie – We are One

Can be seen here, in english with Portuguese subtitles, a documentary made by an amateur group of people […]