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October 24, 2009

Movie – Phenomenon (1996)

        This film of the 90´s portrait a person who developed a brain tumor, but an uncommon tumor. […]
October 8, 2009

Movie – Always (1989)

    This is a ’80s movie directed by the film-maker Steven Spielberg. Are discussed some relevant concepts […]
September 29, 2009

Movie – Powder

This film takes us to a greater questioning of reality. The reality is “dismounted” through the story of […]
June 26, 2009

Movie – Mindwalk

This movie is based on the book published in 1983 by Fritjof Capra, entitled Mindwalk. There is an […]
June 14, 2009

Movie – We are One

Can be seen here, in english with Portuguese subtitles, a documentary made by an amateur group of people […]
April 18, 2009

Monks Santoshananda and Atmananda Interviews

In the following line of our openness to all ways of Mahavatar Babaji Kriya Yoga, we put here an […]
November 23, 2008

Movie – Deja Vu

Deja Vu, its a film which supports the current knowledge of particles physic and astrophysics which approach in […]
July 23, 2008

Movie – The Peaceful Warrior

Here you can view the adaptation to film of the book of the known writer Dan Millman – The Peaceful Warrior – […]
December 20, 2007

Movie – Jonathan Livingston Seagull – Richard Bach

You could see this beautiful movie in english – Jonathan Livingston Seagull:         
December 20, 2007

Conversations with God

Here you can see the movie in english, Conversations with God, from the known books of Neale Donald Walsch: […]