After several years walking by some of the countless paths of spiritual knowledge, we feel thus encouraged to create a space, during the last quarter of 2007, where we could give to know some of the steps acquired, subjective and objective, of our experience to those who walk, side by side, with us, in the aspiration to self-realization.

We began to approach the Kriya Yoga of Mahavatar Babaji, the center of our formation, which gave the name to this place, or website, but gradually we going to pick and caress any other way of empiric knowing or based on the four postulates of scientification, such as observation, hypotheses formulation, experience and laws formulation.

We propose to us and with determination for a serious knowledge, hue with good sense, faced with what is taken as reality in this present age of humanity. Approached prudently inviting us to stimulate the clarification of the puzzles that cover the existence.

We wait, in such a way, secluded in the illusion of time that jig, carefree, making up believe that runs on, contributing a little with some work tools that facilitate us to leave the labyrinth of healthy doubt face the extreme skepticism, fundamentalist and unhealthy, of the disbelief that leads to discouragement and to withdrawal, of fracture fanaticism to paralyzing fear and disbanded, of the natural curiosity to dispersion insatiable of superficial quest, trifling, superfluous, irredeemable unproductive.

We think interesting stimulate the reading, so diverse and attractive in their most recent advances such as, the quantum physics, astrophysics, psychology, biology, or other spiritual schools of knowledge with wisdom recognition, etc., which open us the doors of the conscious and sensible freedom of choices, pulverizing the shackles of obscurantism who tyrannize us in ignorance, in mediocrity, in bands of the vision of our endless horizons.

We look to be with those who, in the seconds that emerge from the eternal now, ardently hamper the fight of transcendence of the human condition for the assumption of the Destiny that we are already.

Be welcome, everyone!


Whispering with the Reencounter with Kriya Yoga – Mahavatar Babaji

In those years already some distance of 86/87 a tenuous messenger flame relight fluttering in the mist of my ideals.

As a murmur, but reckless, plot fidgetly, spreading in sputtering flame a irrecusable call to go deep in knowledge.

Subtle, but irreversible, refolding the rail willingness and unequivocal to accelerate the lucid expansion of conscience in the vastness.

Had reached the momentum! It was imperative to give other form to my spiritual routine of years of effort in the search. I felt it was becoming urgent to find a master with whom I kinship in vibrating resonance; that attend me in his unfathomable wisdom and that protects me in his unconditional love; that bequeath me the “key” of his mantra; and, by daily practice, devotion and service to the other, lift me to full flights in the boundless horizons of self-realization.

Then, what I expected has happened! Touched, someone, in an impulse of original inspiration, surprise me, offering to me a photograph of the “last smile” of Paramahansa Yogananda, of his book “Autobiography of a Yogue” that he had begun to read at short time; he was hasty by the sublime expression of amorous smiling and conqueror of the illusory twins sisters Life and Death.

Concealed, behind of the grains of invisibility, Yoganandaji, had led the whole process in such a way that the photo had came to my hands. After all, since the beginning of this mine existence, the Guru always had been present, and, waiting, point to me patiently, awaiting that the disciple, shaken up of the sleep of the human conscience, raise and trek as resolute warrior wielding of the penetrating sword of wisdom and of the involving love shield.

The reencounter disciple – master happened three months later, when, finally, i resolve to buy the book. Silently, Yoganandaji sheltered me with whispering secrets. Imperceptibly, wrap me, which waver breeze, snuggling, perfumed with unconditional eternal love.

And so, takes up again, the reciprocal confident relationship, of divinal abetment, and ineffable affection, coming from time without back.

But, and then what?! Then, had to find out who can put me on the track of the teaching. But what a momentary frustration! Apparently there was nobody who can “give me a hand” in this whole country.

But if the hilo of water, flushed from the little fountain augment, so the intuition also grew and led me to “roll up the sleeves” for, of the solitary drop of water, succeed the bulky current. I saw me writing to the centers of meditation of America and India, having only as “possible” addresses the few promising elements available in the subtitles of some photos of the book of Paramahansa Yogananda.

As the will was unwavering and hope daughter of it, awaited. Were weeks in which lying doubts jig playful before the unrest expectation, but confident.

Then, finally, have reached the answers from both continents with the blow of fresh breeze of news of that flowery field, of which divine nectar we became tipsy, delighted in the donation of heaven that Mahavatar Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda and other Gurus made us his heirs.

The Traveler