Dear friends,

The implementation and development of this website are, for us, its creators, an exciting exercise for all that it represents and involves of sharing, which is undoubtedly rewarding.

But for that to happen, in advance, we have a background work, fundamental and important steps that allow to appear, regularly, new materials in the network in three different languages. And we await with enough interest, at least, to reply to a range of different sensitivities.

However, unfortunately, the realization of this objective has been to consume the time for our professional activities; working on our own and that management is the guarantee of our survival. Adding plus the cost of the monthly payment of the server (company which provide the services of this website hosting) that has only been supported by us.

So we are brought near the moment to be receptive to your financial help with donations that will enable us to get some economic future relief to continue this work with a desirable attendance. In this way it will cost little, if it will be distributed by all.

With this help each one of us will contribute, with his part, to maintain this vehicle of agglutination and dinamization of vibratory affinities of our spiritual ideals, enlarging the establishment of such a waited harmony in our planet, our house.
A fraternal embrace to all.

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